April 2015

Baetis on the Madison

Check out this video!  Ben Pierce of Brickhouse Creative joined me for a day of fishing and filming on the Lower Madison river.  Perfect conditions allowed the Baetis to come off in droves, and Ben was able to capture some pretty incredible close-up's of fish feeding on the suface.  You can't replace experiencing this kind of day in person, but this video will bring you pretty close!


With more than 6 inches of snow on the ground this morning and temperatures hovering in the low teens, its hard to beleive that Spring is here!  Today should be getting back to a more seasonal feel, and the next week promises beautiful early season conditions.  The baetis have been hatching on many of our local rivers, so fishing recently has been great!  I will be out on the Lower Madison in the next few days trying to record some of the action, so stay tuned.