June 2015


There is still a small window of opportunity to get in on some of the giant stonefly action.  If you havn't gotten out to witness this mayhem yourself, then now is the time!  The Yellowstone, Madison and Gallatin rivers are all seeing solid hatches with the water as clear as one can imagine this time of year.  All this is making for some great fishing with large dry flies and rubberleg droppers.  An obvious choice is the chubby chernobyl #8-#12.  Try not only the one with the golden belly, but also the peach and flesh tones.  Girdle bug and Girdle bugger have been my dropper of choice.

A Handful

Jefferson river brown trout near Bozeman, Montana.

Another fine brown trout.  We were pretty excited when Molly hooked into this one.  It jumped, ran and tried to shake loose, but Molly was able to subdue this beauty to the net for release.

Texas in Montana

Well, my good friend Kelly booked me for a day of fishing on the Lower Madison last week.  Her friend Margaret was in town from west Texas and Kelly wanted to show her a fine outdoor experience.  Kelly has fly fished some and Margaret had cast a fly rod once, but both are fast learners and were eager to try.  We spent the day enjoying a mix of showers and sunshine with steady fishing throughout.  Margaret had beginners luck on her side this day as she was able to land and release this 21" wild brown trout.  Great job out there ladies!