August 2015

Golden Trout

It's not often that I find myself fishing on a day off in July.  Sadly, the peak season leaves me with just enough time off to get an oil change, a nap, and some laundry done.  For many years I have wanted to catch a Golden Trout.  This season I promised myself that I would spend a free day pursuing this gorgeous fish.  

The Purple Drift

The Purple Drift 2015.  A nice Brown Trout caught in the name of pancreatic cancer awareness.

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of guiding for a great cause.  My friend and colleague, Collin Brown did a fine job of creating and organizing a group float to benefit pancreatic cancer research and awareness.  The day was also to honor Collin's father-in-law Jan Rivenbark, who was taken by this horrible disease in 2011.  The event was named "The Purple Drift" and was held on the Yellowstone River near Livingston, Montana.  Purple is the color for Pancreatic Cancer awareness.  Having lost my own father to this disease in 2003, I was eager to take part.

Gallatin Meadows

Gallatin River near Big Sky, Montana.


A day spent fishing the upper Gallatin river on foot is spectacular way to spend a day.  This day was no exception.  We found great fishing, unsurpassed views, and a little break from the summer heat.  We strolled through the meadows upstream of Big Sky, throwing dry-dropper rigs.  The trout seemed most willing when the occasional cloud passed by.  We fished tricos for a bit in the morning, by mid afternoon we had switched to a size 12 stimulator with a bead head sparkle pupae behind it.