Golden Trout

It's not often that I find myself fishing on a day off in July.  Sadly, the peak season leaves me with just enough time off to get an oil change, a nap, and some laundry done.  For many years I have wanted to catch a Golden Trout.  This season I promised myself that I would spend a free day pursuing this gorgeous fish.  

I only needed to hike in 2 or 3 miles to get to the alpine lake where these trout reside.  I had gotten a late start, arriving sometime around mid day, so I spent a few hours fishing hard.  It was a bright, hot day and the lake seemed to be lacking activity.  Fishing was tough.  A couple grabs on the seal bugger, but nothing I was able to fully connect with.  Sometime around 4 pm, I gave myself another hour or so to find success, before making the hike out.  With that threat, the trout began to feed!  I was able to land many fish in the 8"-12" range including this little beauty.  A size 16 tan scud behind a purple crystal bugger worked as well as anything.Just another reminder that it's not just about catching, but the different places and experiences we find in pursuit of things that swim.