Winter Angling-Places to go

As the winter months are upon us in Southwest Montana, it's easy to think great trout fishing will have to wait until spring.  But even here in the Northern Rockies, we have ample winter angling opportunities.  Some local rivers that offer consistent, winter action include; The Lower Madison River, The Gallatin River and The Madison between Quake and Hebgen lakes.  In addition, a number of fine spring-fed creeks in our area provide solid off-season action.  Depuy's Spring Creek and Armstrong's Spring Creek are two that quickly come to mind.  On these streams, water temperatures remain steady regardless of outside air temperature, making for open water and active fish on even the coldest days.

For those willing to travel a bit, there are a couple of other options worth mentioning.  The Bighorn River and Missouri River can both be very promising options to the hearty, winter angler.  Both feature dams with deep reservoirs, which helps to provide a more consistent water temperature and the same benefits mentioned above regarding Spring Creeks. Open water and active fish, even in the grips of winter. 

Stay tied on!  My next blog post will come soon, and will feature suggested flies and tactics for winter angling.