Jefferson River

Releasing Wild Brown Trout Jefferson River, Montana

On its way to the Missouri Headwaters, the Jefferson River passes through an assorted landscape.  At the town of Twin Bridges the Ruby River, Beaverhead River and Big Hole River converge to form the Jefferson.  In its early stages the river advances past hay fields, large stands of cottonwood and agricultural landscapes.  As the river reaches the town of Cardwell, the Jefferson is then flanked by large canyon walls, home to Lewis and Clark Caverns.  Downstream of the canyon the river again proceeds through farm and ranchland laced with cottonwood trees until joining the Madison and Gallatin rivers.  Though fishing on the Jefferson can be less consistent than on some of our other rivers, it can certainly make up for it with some very special moments.  When the Jefferson is good, it can be great!  

Jefferson River Guide Rates

Standard Trip
$525/day  1 or 2 guests