Lower Madison River

Big Brown Trout-Lower Madison River, Montana

The Lower Madison provides memorable angling adventures.  The river begins below Ennis Lake, flows through the majestic Beartrap Canyon and  35 miles downstream to the Headwaters of the Missouri River.  Because it is dam-controlled, the Lower Madison can be reliable when stream flows are higher in the Spring, and in late Fall when water temperatures start to drop elsewhere.  Although not as well known as its upstream neighbor, The Upper Madison, the Lower is an exceptional fishery that can produce trout in attractive numbers and size.  The Lower Madison is mostly known as a Brown and Rainbow trout fishery, though some cutthroats do exist in the river.  Prolific hatches and large numbers of crayfish and sculpins make for  very well-fed fish in The Lower Madison.  

Lower Madison Guide Rates

Standard Trip
$525/day - 1 or 2 guests