Upper Madison River

Upper Madison River- Montana

The Upper Madison begins its journey in Yellowstone Park.  Soon after leaving the park boundaries, Hebgen Dam creates the first of three reservoirs on the Madison River.  A few miles downstream another reservoir was created in 1959 by an earthquake and resulting landslide.  This body of water is known as, “Earthquake Lake”. From here the Upper Madison flows through the Madison Valley, past the town of Ennis and into Ennis Lake. The Lake being the, “divider” between the Upper and Lower river.  Known as the, “50 mile riffle” the Upper Madison provides great structure and trout habitat wherever you look.  Healthy populations of Brown and Rainbow trout, as well as, a huge variety of hatches and methods to fish them, make this river a favorite for many of our guests.

Upper Madison Guide Rates

Standard Trip
$525/day - 1 or 2 guests